Business Intelligence

Business Alerts 
Utilize your email system to issue alerts about significant incidents in your business management resource system with Business Alerts. Automatically communicate shipment and billing information to customers and vendors, notify staff of upcoming events, and track important business functions. Customize included templates or create unique alerts based on your company's needs

Business Insights Explorer 
Instantly access real-time, easy to understand business information, improve your business insights and turn data into actionable knowledge using Business Insights Explorer. A user-friendly inquiry and analysis interface gives you quick access to crucial information to make smarter, faster decisions about the most critical areas of your business.

Even first-time users can easily access and understand how to use this powerful reporting tool. Personalize intuitive Excel-like sorting, grouping, filtering, and charting capabilities to your specific needs and role within your company. Drill down to details and launch familiar tasks so you can immediately act on the knowledge you've gained.

Access quick-click charts to create a visual representation of your customized views. Quickly assess the state of your business ? monitor a new product's acceptance rate, or the impact that a competitor's promo is having on your sales. Search for key pieces of data and access related details. Customize, share and save your views for real-time answers tomorrow or next month.

Business Insights Reporter 
Get answers to your business financial questions fast with Business Insights Reporter. Standard pre-designed reports are available straight out of the box which you can quickly customize to get exactly the information your business needs to see. Easily create calculated fields and place them where you want on your reports. From a quick status snapshot to a presentation-quality report, Business Insights Reporter provides multiple levels of standard and custom business financial reports quickly and in real time

Business Insights Dashboard 
Specify which business financial information you want to see and quickly access it in a customized, easy-to-read format. Business Insights Dashboard presents information in a high-level, attractive graphical format that allows you to instantly ascertain the state of your business. Flexible yet simple to use, this dashboard is displayed within the Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 Business Desktop. You decide what information is most critical for you to see -- first thing in the morning or at any time throughout the day.

Stay on top of the critical business management information you need to make well-informed decisions and sharpen your competitive edge. Insightful reports, extensive drill-down capabilities and an automatic data refreshing feature ensure you have the most accurate and detailed information at your fingertips. Staying informed has never been easier.

Sage ERP MAS Intelligence 
Quickly and easily gain control and obtain the information you need for operations and strategic planning. Sage ERP MAS Intelligence allows you to spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together. Analyze Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 data using the familiar look of Microsoft Excel. Effortlessly create real-time, automated, and preformatted reports with up-to-date, accurate, and meaningful information.

Build your intelligence solution from four elements so it works the way you want. Report Manager allows you to create and edit new reports as well as to filter and aggregate data. A Report Viewer License provides you with the ability to view reports and drill-down into existing reports and templates. Report Designer expands upon the functionality of the Report Manager to provide simplified "drag and drop" report creation capabilities. Connector Module streamlines your financial managers' day-to-day operational tasks by accessing information from multiple sources and consolidating data from multiple companies.

Crystal Reports® 
Create and customize meaningful, presentation-quality reports from your Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 data. Crystal Reports® is a powerful WYSIWYG report writer that allows you to create meaningful business financial reporting and other reports quickly and easily. Use sample reports straight out of the box or customize them to suit your needs.

The ODBC (open database connectivity) driver gives Crystal Reports direct access to Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 data and provides read-only access for other applications, including MS Office.

Custom Office 
Customize your Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 system to enhance your business productivity software with indispensable capabilities like user-defined- fields (UDFs) and user-defined tables (UDTs), graphical business financial reporting, and enhanced integration. Custom Office provides a suite of powerful and flexible tools so you can customize your system cost-effectively and upgrade-safe to work the way you do.

Visual Integrator 
Facilitate seamless integration between Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 data and other business applications. Visual Integrator can import from or export to any ODBC (open database connectivity)-compliant source, without the need for an intermediary data file such as ASCII delimited or Microsoft Excel. Establish import schedules to run automatically every day, hour or minute, or prescribe intervals of any length. Chain imports together so that an invoice import automatically follows a customer import. You can even instruct the program to run a script file automatically upon successful completion of an import. Run additional commands, scripts, or other functions based on three events: before job start, on job success, or on job failure. Subroutines can also be added before and after each record write, and before and after assigning data fields.