Sage ERP MAS90 & MAS200

Build a business management solution that works the way you do.
Drive productivity and profits up, and costs down, with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that has exactly what your business needs to grow. Sage ERP MAS 90, 200, and 200 SQL go beyond simple accounting packages with a broad selection of integrated, feature-rich modules and in-depth capabilities. The modular design provides the flexibility to choose the functionality and platform that best suit your current business needs -- along with the confidence that when your needs change, you can grow with the same functionality and user interface moving up to a more powerful ERP system. The intuitive, user-centered design offers contextual information and related tasks to increase productivity and streamline workflows. Fast implementation, innovative easy customization that's upgrade-safe, and minimal IT requirements keep total cost of ownership low.

Sage ERP MAS 200: Support for Multiple Locations and Remote Users
Sage ERP MAS 200 incorporates all the benefits of a thin client/server platform with the functionality of Sage ERP MAS 90 to distribute increased processing power, elevated system performance, enhanced data integrity, reliability and remote access support.

With Sage MAS 200, all program logic, processing and data management tasks are performed on the application server, while user interface tasks are performed using a thin client installed on the workstation. The result is less network traffic and more room for transactional growth over the long term for your business. By minimizing data transmission across the network, more bandwidth becomes available to support multiple workstations.

Sage ERP MAS 90 Small Business Edition
Power up your small business with Sage ERP MAS 90 Small Business Edition. This exclusive ERP solution provides the same Sage ERP MAS 90 business management capabilities that most small businesses need with a low cost of entry. Conveniently bundled modules provide the same ease of use and intuitive workflow as Sage ERP MAS 90. As your business grows, upgrading to Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 is seamless and cost-effective.