Core Accounting and Financials

Accounts Payable 
Proactively manage your expenditures and improve vendor insights with the advanced accounting capabilities of Accounts Payable. Automate your financial transactions, track payments and develop budgets based on real-time data. Increase your efficiencies, improve your cash management, reduce operating costs and lessen the risk of lost or stolen checks by paying vendors electronically using ACH files created from the Accounts Payable module. Efficiently pay your vendors using wire transfers, record and even reverse transactions.

Informative financial reports offer valuable business insights and help you identify and address critical areas. Accounts Payable easily integrates with other modules including Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Job Costing, Federal and State eFiling and Reporting, and Electronic Reporting to provide streamlined, comprehensive functions.

Accounts Receivable 
Maximize efficiency of your accounts receivable operations and get valuable data for effective cash management and planning. The Accounts Receivable module for your Sage ERP MAS 90 or 200 system quickly and easily streamlines daily Accounts Receivable activities and presents key information in an intuitive format. Powerful yet simple to use, Accounts Receivable efficiently utilizes Paperless Office features to generate personalized and informative customer communications.

Accounts Receivable easily integrates with the General Ledger, Sales Order, Inventory Management, Job Cost, Bank Reconciliation, eBusiness Manager, eBusiness Web Services, and Custom Office modules.

Active Planner 
Take control of your budget process and bring strategic insight to your business planning. An enterprise-wide budgeting and planning application, Sage Active Planner shortens budgeting and planning cycles to create more effective and accurate budgets and forecasts and render a true analysis of company performance. Through seamless integration with all enterprise data and General Ledger, Active Planner encourages collaboration across all lines of business, ties budgeting to organizational performance and facilitates more informed business decisions.

Improve the flow of key information such as business drivers and transaction data through templates, automatic distribution and consolidation of the budget, central control over budget revisions, real-time integration of data sources, and built-in security mechanisms.

Bank Reconciliation 
Automate and simplify your monthly reconciliation process. Bank Reconciliation makes it easy to detect unrecorded transactions between your records and the banks', locate errors and discrepancies, record corrections, and reconcile your books to the bank statements-all in a user-friendly solution that is simple to deploy. Integrated functionality enables you to post transactions from your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Payroll modules.

Fixed Assets 
Effectively manage assets from acquisition to disposal, and enhance your bottom line with Fixed Assets. This comprehensive fixed asset management solution enables you to fully utilize your assets up to 1,500, account for their value, and reap their full tax benefits.

Apply more than 300,000 IRS and GAAP rules and more than 50 methods of depreciation including MACRS, ACRS Straight Line and Declining Balance. Run depreciation calculations, create IRS-ready tax forms, define groups of assets based on any characteristic, and move fixed assets from one location or business division to another with ease. Execute partial and whole transfers plus disposals, and conduct bulk disposals with automatic gain/loss calculations. Store photos, purchase orders, warranty information, and other documents associated with each asset and view them on screen anytime.

Fixed Assets combines acknowledged depreciation expertise, user friendliness and enhanced security features with the added power and functionality that your business requires.

Federal and State eFiling and Reporting 
Streamline your tax reporting process and reduce the time and costs of preparing and submitting forms. Federal and State eFiling and Reporting includes approximately 250 federal and state forms such as Unemployment, Withholding, New Hire reports, W2s, and W3s to facilitate filing payroll tax information; electronic forms automatically populate information in the appropriate fields to save time and reduce errors. Automatically eFile W2s and 1099s, print and mail forms to your employees, or go completely green with our fee-based eFiling service.

General Ledger 
Streamline your accounting and financial records and generate comprehensive, useful financial statements for your business strategy and planning with General Ledger. Customize your own chart of accounts with up to 32 characters and 10 segments, or use over a dozen industry-specific selections for quick and easy implementation. The flexible design features exclusive dual-grid entry for efficient, personalized data entry and reporting; run virtually unlimited reports to drill down to specific details.

Electronic Reporting 
Simplify wage and payment reporting and ensure compliance with government regulations. Electronic Reporting makes it easy to report wage and payment information from the Payroll and Accounts Payable modules and 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, and 1099-MISC information, and submit it electronically in the format required by the federal government.

Need to meet state requirements as well? Electronic Reporting provides you with the information you need to file W2s for employees or 1099s for vendors who work or live in states that require reporting in the required formats. Additionally, Electronic Reporting provides test runs of federal and state W2s and1099s as required by some government agencies.

Paperless Office 
Save time, reduce costs, improve security and establish your image as an environmentally conscious company with Paperless Office. Quickly and efficiently email and fax documents to multiple contacts in any location to expedite communication, facilitate collaboration and improve customer and vendor satisfaction. Create, view, save and retrieve documents electronically in seconds and print only what you need -- eliminating costly paper files, storage needs and misplaced items.

Sales Tax 
Reduce your audit risk, stay ahead of constantly changing sales tax laws and ensure compliance in every market. Sales Tax automates comprehensive sales and uses tax functions ranging from jurisdiction assignment, rate research, and maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance calculation. This hosted Web-based solution seamlessly integrates with Sage ERP MAS and automatically performs functions on the fly within your existing accounting application - no changes required. For every calculation, Sales Tax verifies every address using a geo-coding mapping system, then calculates tax based on pre-set user configurations including nexus, tax jurisdictional issues, exception processing, product taxability rules, sourcing rules, split rates, and maximum tax -- all done transparently in the background. A user-friendly interface and reporting platform provides detailed, summary, and exception reports. Drill downs to customer/invoice, product, reason for exemptions, jurisdictional information, and detailed breakouts of rates and taxes by jurisdiction.